5 Letter Words That End With OUND

NY Times Wordle #605 – published on February 13, 2023, had one of the 5 letter words that end with OUND, therefore, while solving it I had an epiphany of writing down an article enlisting all such 5-letter English words that end in such a manner. Just to serve as a helping hand.

Since 4 out of 5 words are to remain the same in our case, needless to say, it was rather easy to compile the complete list as the number of total words could not have been more than 26, and understandably, all of them are quite simple and part of our daily conversations.

So I could find only 8 English words ending with OUND. Check them out below. Feel free to share your feedback and let me know if there’s any other word missing from the list.

Have a nice day.

WordType of WordMeaning
BoundNoun, VerbTo limit; to terminate; to fix the furthest point of extension
FoundAdjective, Verb, NounMultiple meanings: Past tense of Find,
A thin single-cut file for comb makers,
To lay the basis of.
HoundNoun, VerbMultiple Meanings: To send on the chase,
A breed of dog,
A despicable person, etc.
MoundNoun, VerbMultiple Meanings: An artificial hill or elevation of earth,
A ball or globe forming part of the regalia of an emperor or other sovereign.
PoundNounMultiple Meanings: To strike heavy blows,
One of the units of weight,
A British currency
RoundAdjective, Adverb, Noun, Preposition, VerbMultiple Meanings: A circular shape,
Full and smoothly expanded, etc.
SoundNoun, VerbMultiple Meanings: Whole, unbroken, free of any defects or errors,
To cause or make a noise
WoundNoun, VerbMultiple Meanings: An injury,
To inflict wound on
5-Letter Words That End With OUND

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