Best Wordle Strategy to Win Every Game

If you’re obsessed with the phenomenal word-puzzle game of 2022 that saw a meteoric rise back in 2021 and looking for the best Wordle strategy to win every game then you’ve landed on the right spot.

After playing NY Time Wordle for some time now, I’ve developed a few effective strategies that I find to be quite helpful in guessing words right almost every time.

The key is to systemize your approach and avoid being random and in this article, I’ll share some vital strategies that can help you win every Wordle game and gain bragging rights in front of your peers by sharing your scores online.

So without any further ado, let’s cut right to the chase.

Strategy 1: Start With A Word With Most Used English Letters

A quick google search will reveal that the top 5 most-used English letters are E, A, R, I, O respectively.

Source: Letter Frequency – Wikipedia

A good strategy will be to start with a word that has all these letters in it. That will simply increase your odds at reaching the correct word.

Words like ABOVE, ABOUT, LOUIE, etc. are some of the many words with the most amount of vowels in them. Don’t forget to put them to good use.

Strategy 2: Use Maximum Vowels In Your First Guess

Wordle Strategy 2 - Use maximum vowels

Linked with the first strategy, it’s always handy to think of a word that mostly comprises vowels. If you notice the most-used English letters above, 4 out of 5 of them are vowels. So it’s always useful to include the most amount of vowels at least in your first guess.

Strategy 3: Do Not Repeat Letters In Your First Guess

It’s not wise that your first word has repeat letters. Remember, unless you’re extremely lucky, the purpose of the first attempt is just to reveal what words you should target in the next attempt. So to maximize your odds, it’s wise to think of a word that does not have repeat letters in it.

Strategy 4: Don’t Forget The Popular Consonants

Don’t confine yourself to just the top 5 most used English letters or vowels. Once the top 5 are exhausted, make sure to check out the popular consonants and letters widely used in the English language.

Since we are talking about the systematic approach, it’s best to go make an educated guess based on statistics rather than wild whims.

Strategy 5: The NY Times Wordle Uses English Dictionary

Always remember, the Wordle in NY Times uses American English (Duh!).

This little tip can come in quite handy and save you a lot of time if you’re thinking of a British spelling for any word as your next Wordle guess.

Strategy 6: Look for patterns in the word

If you see a pattern in the letters that have already been revealed, such as a double letter or a series of consonants followed by vowels, you can use that information to make educated guesses about what the next letter might be.

Keep a close look at the block colors as they are quite helpful in revealing the position of a particular letter in the word.

Read about Wordle Color Rules if you want to gain more understanding.

Strategy 7: Use word associations

Think about words that are related to the theme of the game or the context in which the word is used. This can help you narrow down your options and make more targeted guesses.

What does this even mean?

Well, you need to see the history of the type of words that the NY Times Wordle has been asking us to guess.

If my observation is not incorrect, most of the time the word has been a verb. This knowledge can help narrow down your options and reach the correct word.

Strategy 8: Practice, Practice, Practice!

Well, that’s not a strategy per se, still, the only way to get better at something is by practicing it a lot. Wordle is not different. So if you are really into word-guessing games, I’d suggest you keep practicing them.

Having said that the limitation of NYT Wordle is that you can only play it once a day. That doesn’t leave you with many options to practice it. However, here at Wordle of the day, we’ve developed the Wordle game for you so you can practice it and hone your skills in your favorite game. Just follow this link to practice Wordle Unlimited times by playing it online over here.

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