How to Play Wordle Game

Wondering how to play the Wordle Game?

Well, if you’ve landed on this page then that shows you’re keen enough to figure out the rules of this game and if that’s the case then you’ve stumbled on just the right place as I will teach you how the basics and rules of Wordle so that you can also become a part of one of the most popular online games right now.

Before starting, do keep in mind that we’ll strictly confine ourselves to the version that you see on NY Post’s website.

Wordle Rules

Let’s start with the basic structure of the puzzle.

You have a 6×5 grid where you have 6 turns to guess the right 5-letter word.

Wordle Game Structure 6x5 Grid

You can simply enter letters either by typing on your keyboard or by tapping the online digital keyboard provided in the game.

The first rule of the Wordle is that your guess should be a valid (American) English word and not some random jumble of words. Wordle will not accept any entry if you don’t enter a valid word.

Once you enter your first guess, press Enter.

As soon as you do that, the colors of the grids will change depending on the accuracy of positions of the individual letters and that brings us to the next set of Wordle’s color rules.

Wordle Color Rules

Green: If the letter guessed is on the right spot then it will turn Green.

Yellow: If the letter in the grid is in the actual word but not in the exact spot then it will turn yellow.

No Color: If the grid does not change its color then the letter is not in the actual word.

Wordle Color Rules

Once we get a hint of different colors, and in case the word guessed is not the correct one, we can now go for the second try. This time, we have a slightly better idea of what to aim for.

So the next aspect of the Wordle Color Rule is that if you are to go for the second guess, you have to think of the word that contains the “Green” letter in the exact same spot as in the previous grid.

This means that now you have to think of the word that follows these two rules.

First, the word should be a valid one (that’s the same rule as before) and second, the word should contain the same letter(s) at the exact same position(s) that were in the green grid in the last attempt.

Once you follow these rules and enter a new word, the first cycle will repeat again and Wordle will change its grid colors again based on the position of the guessed letter.

If you’ve guessed the actual word then congratulations, you’re one genius chap. If not, then don’t worry, there are still 4 more tries to go. Go ahead, follow the same rules and see if you’re able to guess the exact word.

How Does The Game End?

The Wordle game ends in two ways. Either you guess the correct word or you don’t.

In both cases, Wordle will display your score which you can showcase by sharing on Twitter.

Although it does show whether you’ve guessed the right word or not but in addition to that, it also displays your score that takes into account different factors such as the number of tries and how long you took to figure out the correct word.

The information that you share on your Twitter account is not just your score but also the image of the colored grids that show the number and quality of your attempts to the world.

Let’s Play Wordle!

To make sure that you’ve learned Wordle Rules fully, let’s play the game and apply what we’ve learned.

First, we’ll have the famous 6×5 grid in front of us. Since we’re totally clueless, let’s enter a random 5-letter word.

Do keep in mind, that as part of our “Grand” Wordle Strategy I normally prefer words with the most number of vowels in them.

If you want to know more about Wordle Tips and Tricks and the Top Wordle Strategies, do make sure to check out these links.

Anyways, back to the game, let’s enter the First word, “About” as our first try and see the response.

Wordle Game First Attempt

Oops! total bummer. That fell flat on its face. Ain’t it?

No worries! Since none of the grid has a green or yellow color in it we now know that Wordle Today does not have A, B, O, U or T in it. That’s some progress though. Let’s think of another word that doesn’t include these letters.

Let’s try “DEITY”. Although it does include the letter “T” which we have already tried above but it’s fine. Wordle can be lenient.

Press Enter

Wordle Game Second Attempt

Well, not that encouraging but we now at least know that today’s word includes “E” and “I” in it but since they are yellow in color, this means that E is not at the second spot and I is not at the third spot. Not that helpful as there can really be thousand of words so let’s go for another try.

The next word that I’ll try is “EQUIP”. It has E and I in different positions and also does not have the letters that are not in today’s word for sure.

Wordle Game Third Attempt

Yikes. Still no green grid.

But we do have an extra letter “P” that we do know is in the word. So today’s word includes the letters, E, I and P where E is not in the first or second positions, I is not in the third or fourth position and P is not in the fifth position.

So let’s change our strategy. Let’s think of any word that starts with I and has E and P in it.

I can think of the word, IMPED. It has all three letters but at different positions.

Wordle Game Fourth Attempt


Now that’s Lots of green grids. This shows that we’re just a word away from winning our Wordle game.

Now, we have to think of a word that has I in the first place, M in the second, P in the third and E in the fourth. Fortunately, it’s not difficult for us to guess the correct word. So let’s just replace the last letter “D” with “L” and voila, we have our word for today. “IMPEL”.

Wordle Game fifth Attempt

And here we go! We now have our correct word for Wordle of the day.

The rules are simple and easy to follow so I believe you just need to play it once to get the hang of it. Anyways, if you want to practice Wordle by playing it multiple times in a day, you can practice wordle online for free at this website.

Moreover, check out this NY Times Wordle Hints and Answers section to check out daily hints and solutions to the NY Times Wordle. Updated daily.

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