NY Times Wordle 588 Hints Answer

Days are passing by really quickly. Aren’t they? The drawback of this urgency of time is that it gets really hard to keep up with the daily Wordle and post updates about its hints and solutions but it’s the passion for this game that keeps me going. Anyways, like always, I’m here with the hints and answers to Today’s NY Times Wordle 588.

The difficulty of today’s Wordle wasn’t that hard as this word, though not spoken by the kids, is something that we encounter frequently. Since it has some sort of sexuality attached to it, the word is quite popular.

Today’s Wordle was so easy that I solved it in just 4 attempts and in less than 3 minutes.

So if you want to know what NY Times Wordle of today is then scroll past this brief disclaimer first to check out the hints and then the actual answer.

Before checking out further, keep in mind that this article contains tips and hints for the daily NY Times Wordle puzzle. So if you do not want to ruin your fun, I suggest you stop going any further.

Today’s Wordle Hints 588

Before checking out the solution and the answer, as a final attempt, go ahead and see if you can solve the puzzle using the hints below:

  • First: Just like Wordle #587, Wordle Today has only 1 vowel.
  • Second: There are no repeating letters.
  • Third: It contains 3 of the top 6 most used English letters. Again, interesting. Right?
  • Fourth: It is a verb
  • Fifth: People like to indulge in this activity, especially when a person of the opposite sex is attractive.

Final Warning: Spoiler Ahead!

All right. How did it go? Did you guess the word with just the hints alone?

If not then feel free to scroll below to know the exact word.

The Wordle Of The Day is…

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Checkout My Wordle #588 Step-By-Step Solution

To give you an idea of my thought process, here’s a step-by-step process shown in the video.

Since I got bored with the usual starting words, I opened with MEANT today as it has two commonly used vowels and N and T. The change paid off as it gave me the confirmed position of T.

Since E and A were not in the word, my next attempt was to think of a word that does not have E and A, has T in the end and has at least one other vowel that I didn’t use in the first attempt.

I could only think of FIGHT which proved to be a good choice.

The next two attempts were just a process of trial and error as it was not too difficult to figure out the correct word from there.

And that’s how folks, I solved the Wordle today.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed Wordle Today and this game has polished your vocabulary further.

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We hope these tips and hints help you solve today’s Wordle puzzle. Good luck and keep visiting Wordle Of The Day!

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