NY Times Wordle 589 Hints and Answer

Needless to ask if you’ve solved the Wordle Today. Had you actually solved it you wouldn’t be dabbling here. However, I’d appreciate that you’ve made the right choice as I have solved NY Times Wordle 589 and you can go ahead and check out the hints and answers to Today’s NY Times Wordle.

As far as the difficulty of today’s Wordle is concerned, it was rather easy. We use it quite frequently and the kids so it as well. However, since it has only one vowel in it, using the regular Wordle starting word would put you in some trouble and that’s why it took me 5 attempts to solve it.

Now, before giving you hints and then finally the solution, please read this very brief disclaimer.

Before checking out further, keep in mind that this article contains tips and hints for the daily NY Times Wordle puzzle. So if you do not want to ruin your fun, I suggest you stop going any further.

Today’s Wordle Hints 589

Before checking out the solution and the answer, as a final attempt, go ahead and see if you can solve the puzzle using the hints below:

  • First: Just like Wordle #588, Wordle Today has only 1 vowel. However, there’s one more letter that becomes a vowel in certain cases and that applies to today’s Wordle.
  • Second: There are no repeating letters.
  • Third: It contains only 1 of the top 8 most used English letters.
  • Fourth: It is an adjective
  • Fifth: It’s a word we use when we feel something is off, wrong or suspicious.

Final Warning: Spoiler Ahead!

All right. How did it go? Did you guess the word with just the hints alone?

If not then feel free to scroll below to know the exact word.

The Wordle Of The Day is…

NY Times Wordle #589 – Answer

Checkout My Wordle #589 Step-By-Step Solution

To give you an idea of my thought process, here’s a step-by-step process shown in the video.

I started today’s word with ADIEU as it is the most used starting word of 2022 with 4 vowels in it. However, it didn’t prove to be that useful.

As I was sure that the letter I is in the word, the only word that I could quickly think of that did not include the already used letters in the first attempt was BINGO.

Although it did give me the sure-shot position of the letter I but not do anything else.

I applied the same process that I did on the second attempt and this time used the word LIFTS.

This proved to be fruitful and gave me two additional letters, F and S. The last attempt was against coming up with the word that has FIS while also making sure that I do not use the already used letters. Although it took me some time, but finally I was able to solve the puzzle.

And that’s how folks, I solved the Wordle today.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed Wordle Today and this game has polished your vocabulary further.

If you’re new to the game of Wordle, you might also want to check out our guide on what Wordle is all about and how to play Wordle. Additionally, my best Wordle Strategies will also help you to solve every Wordle puzzle and keep your interest intact in this online word-guessing game. These are great resources for getting started and learning the ropes.

In the end, if you want to play Wordle play multiple times in a day, you can Play Wordle Online Unlimited times on this website. Make sure you don’t miss out on that and if you want to check which words have already been used, you can check out the complete Wordle Archive of Answers all the way from the beginning.

We hope these tips and hints help you solve today’s Wordle puzzle. Good luck and keep visiting Wordle Of The Day!

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