NY Times Wordle Hint 560

Finally, the last wordle of the year 2022, is out and so here we are with our NY Times Wordle Hint 560 and without any lengthy anecdotes, let’s simply dive into the hint of Wordle Of the Day.

However, before starting just as a courtesy, let me remind you that if you’re a real hardcore Wordle fan and want to guess every word on yourself then this article is not for you as it will reveal the actual wordle in the end.

Now, today’s word was again a simple one. In fact, the majority of these words, owing to the fact that they’re just 5-letter words, are quite simple. You can have so many difficult 5-letter English words and that’s the beauty of the game. It’s simple, yet it leaves many scratching their heads.

It’s only the wrong approach that makes the game difficult and if you want to know how to approach the game in the correct manner, read our other article that gives you the best wordle strategy to win every game.

Wordle Hint 560

Okay, so here are a few hints.

  • First: Interestingly, it contains only one vowel (and that makes it slightly difficult to guess).
  • Second: It also contains another letter that is sometimes considered a vowel.
  • Third: Other than these two letters, none of the other words are among the top 5 most-used English letters.
  • Fourth: There are no repeat letters in the word.
  • Fifth: If the above hints are not enough then here’s the most important and final hint before we jump to our solution which I believe will give away the word. It used to be a virtue but with growing “wokeness”, it is gradually turning into a vice and “TOXIC”. Well, that can be a good Wordle for any day.

Final Warning: Spoiler Ahead!

Alrighty then!

Are you still lost?

Don’t worry. It happens to everyone. Even I solved it on the fifth attempt when Wordle Bot suggests that on average, it took people 4 attempts.

Anyways, so today’s Wordle is…


So how did it go? Were you able to solve it with just the hints?

Do let me know in the comments section.

So that’s it for today. If you’re new to the game of Wordle, you might also want to check out our guide on what Wordle is all about and how to play Wordle. These are great resources for getting started and learning the ropes.

We hope these tips and hints help you solve today’s Wordle puzzle. Good luck!


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