Today's NY Times Wordle 674 Hints & Answer – April 24, 2023

Hello, Wordle fans! Wondering what is today’s NY Times Wordle 674 answer?

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In this article, you won’t just find the hints and tips to solve today’s Wordle but just in case you need a bit more help than just the hints and clues then you can also find answers to the Wordle today by peeking further down below.

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Let’s talk about the difficulty level of Today’s Wordle. Shall we?

Well, today’s challenge wasn’t that difficult. Although me narrowly avoiding a defeat by clearing it on the 6th attempt doesn’t seem to support my remarks but still, I’d maintain that the word itself was not only an easy one but also a widely spoken one so if you play your cards smartly, I won’t be surprised if you’re ale to solve it within 3-4 attempts.

So, good luck!.

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Coming to today’s hints, as always, I encourage you to try to solve it yourself. In case you aren’t that lucky then check out only the tips and clues here and just in those rare cases where you’re still unable to crack the puzzle, only then go ahead and have a look at the answer.

Now, keeping that in mind, let’s see what today’s hints and answers are to NY Times Wordle #674 also please read this brief disclaimer and then scroll down below to check out the tips and solutions.

Before checking out further, remember that this article contains tips and hints for the daily NY Times Wordle puzzle. So if you do not want to ruin your fun, I suggest you stop going further.

Hints & Clues to Today’s NY Times Wordle 674 – April 24, 2023

Read below to check out the Hints & Clues to NY Times Today’s Wordle #674 – April 24, 2023 :

Final Warning: Spoiler Ahead!

All right. How did it go? Did you guess the word with just the hints alone?

If not then feel free to scroll below to know the exact word.

However, if you don’t want me to ruin your fun then avert your eyes.

The Wordle Of The Day is…

NY Times Today’s Wordle #674 – Answer

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My Step-By-Step Solution to Finding Answer to Today’s Wordle

So you want to see how I finally solved today’s NY Times Wordle? Here’s a video representation of my thought process.

1st Word – UNZIP

Do I need to tell you why I chose UNZIP as my first 5-letter word to start off today’s NY Times Wordle? For newbies, it’s my self-imposed rule to kick off the daily wordle with the previous day’s correct word and since, yesterday’s Wordle 672 – Published on Apr 22, 2023, was UNZIP, this became my choice for the first attempt.

UNZIP, as expected, didn’t turn out to be too great a choice as it gave me only one yellow block on the 4th spot with the letter I in it.

2nd Word – IVORY

My second attempt was also a result of me following a ritual.

Whenever I end up with a single yellow block on the first attempt, I normally tend to start the second word with the letter in the yellow block in the previous shot. Hence, I started my second word with (the letter, I) IVORY.

IVORY, along with the letter I in the first spot, gave me another yellow block on the 3rd spot with the letter O in it.

So now I had two yellow blocks, not a single green block and the letters U, N, Z, P, V, R and Y ruled out completely.

3rd Word – OLIVE

Since the letter I wasn’t in the first position, I decided to start my third word with the second letter in the yellow block. i.e. O.

So my third word was OLIVE.

Although I was expecting much better from OLIVE, disappointingly, it gave didn’t give me any new green or yellow blocks so I still had only O and I in the yellow blocks.

4th Word – WIDOW

By the start of the 4th attempt, I almost had a whiff of where the letter I could be. Since it wasn’t on the 1st, 3rd and 4th spots, I was almost certain that it was on the 2nd. Hence, I tried WIDOW as my fourth attempt.

Although it has a repeating letter and I normally don’t make guesses with words that have letters repeating in them, I make exceptions when I’m almost certain of the output or when I’m not able to think of any other better alternative.

Having said that, WIDOW did confirm my intuition of I being in the second spot. Additionally, it also confirmed the presence of another letter, D in the puzzle which means that now, I had to guess only two more letters.

5th Word – DITTO

All the previous attempts also confirmed the exact position of O which still needed to be figured out and the attempts above confirmed that it should be in the end and with the letter D also being there in the mix, I decided to try out DITTO for my 5th attempt.

When I pressed enter, the result only affirmed my convictions as I saw all the blocks turning green and that’s how I solved the Wordle of The Day.

Wordle 674 – DITTO – Meaning

DITTO is a short way of saying the “same thing again”. It is a Noun.

Townscaper Art for Wordle 674

So you want to see how the Townscaper art would look like if I plot the details of my attempts and try to build one?

Well, here’s Townscaper Art for Wordle 674 to please your eyes. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

TownScaper Art Wordle 674

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Final Thoughts

That’s it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed Wordle Today and this game has polished your vocabulary further.

If you’re new to the game of Wordle, you might also want to check out our guide on what Wordle is all about and how to play Wordle. My best Wordle Strategies will help you solve every Wordle puzzle and keep your interest in this online word-guessing game alive. These are great resources for getting started and learning the ropes.

In the end, if you want to play Wordle play multiple times in a day, you can Play Wordle Online Unlimited times on this website. Make sure you don’t miss out on that and if you want to check which words have already been used, you can check out the complete Wordle Archive of Answers from the beginning.

We hope these tips and hints help you solve today’s Wordle puzzle. Good luck and keep visiting Wordle Of The Day!

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