NY Times Wordle Hint Today 563

Have you landed on this page to know today’s Wordle Hint 563 for Jan 03, 2023? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

I have it solved and despite the nature of the word being a bit more complex than the previous 3-4 NY Times Wordles, I had it solved in under 2 minutes. Since I wasn’t tracking time, I won’t be bragging if I decoded it within a minute. Must be a personal record for me so far.

Anyways, I did not commit the same mistake that I mentioned in the Wordle Hint 562. Made some educated guesses and followed my own pointers of the best wordle strategy and kept in view the result of the former attempts and then, in the end, it proved to be easy peasy for me.

So if you want to check out Word Hint for today, as always, let me get this straight. This article contains the solution to Wordle Today, therefore, if you don’t want to ruin your fun and want to remain true to the core, most respectfully, this article is not for you.

Today’s Wordle Hint 563

Before giving you away the solution of today’s Wordle, let me share with you some hints and tips and let’s see if you’re able to solve it using just the hints.

  • First: It contains 2 vowels.
  • Second: Every letter is unique in the word.
  • Third: 4 of the top 7 most used English letters are in this word.
  • Fourth: Most people aren’t too fond of this behavior.

Final Warning: Spoiler Ahead!

All right. How did it go? My creative juices are giving up and I’ve literally run out of hints today so I think I should better reveal the word.

So the Wordle Of The Day is…


Although I changed my strategy today and started off with a new word with so far, the most number of the vowels in it, LOUIE, it didn’t pay me off as I was only able to unlock “I” and that too in a different position.

However, my later attempts unlocked A, T and I for me which led me to the word, ATTIC and then finally, ANTIC. All within just a minute.

Todays Wordle Solution 563 - 5th Attempt

So that’s my story. How did it go for you? If you figured out today’s Wordle, do share your thought process with us because as they say, “It’s not about the destination, it’s the destination”.

That’s it for today. If you’re new to the game of Wordle, you might also want to check out our guide on what Wordle is all about and how to play Wordle. These are great resources for getting started and learning the ropes.

We hope these tips and hints help you solve today’s Wordle puzzle. Good luck!

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